From the basement to roof, and throughout your property, our home inspection service provides you quality and accuracy. Whether you need a foundation inspection or a mold and radon test done, we provide nothing but the best to keep your home and family safe.


  • Up to 2000 Sq Ft. – $425
  • 2001- 3000 Sq Ft – $475
  • 3001- 4000 Sq Ft – $525
  • 4001- 5000 Sq Ft – $625
  • 5001- 6000 Sq Ft – $725
  • Over 6000 Sq Ft Call for Pricing
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Let us find any invisible inspection problems with our thermal imaging service. We can accurately locate any heat differences that may present itself throughout your home and property.

Let 0ur inspection experts go deeper into your property to find any defects or issues with your sewer system. We provide accurate results, and complete sewer inspections so you don’t have any surprises in the future.


  • With home inspection = $150
  • Stand alone = $200
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Mold, caused from excess moisture, can not only cause damage to your home, but a health hazard to you and your family. With our professional mold testing assessments, we can find any problems that may be lurking beyond your walls.


  • With home inspection = $150
  • Standalone = $225

Radon is a radioactive gas that occurs naturally from the earth decomposing, and can cause prolonged health problems if not cared for properly. During our professional home inspections, we can locate and determine if there is any radon leaking throughout property.


  • With home inspection = $160
  • Standalone = $200
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